Thank You!

To Our Volunteers:

Every town finds people within to put on an adoption event and the compassion and love shown for shelter dogs is inspiring. Thank you for putting in the countless hours to help create an event which brought shelter dogs together with adopters!

To Our Business Partners:

We're such a small, grassroots organization that we mainly rely on small tag sales, bake sales or donations from local vendors to raise the money to put on our events. We won't ever charge rescue people to come to our events and we believe they should keep all of the adoption fees they collect so they can continue to rescue more dogs.

We're very honored to have the support and beautiful volunteer shirts supplied by Gorilla Graphics of Middletown, CT. Our shirts are make us all feel like a team and of course make us look like the cool hipsters that we are. 

To the ASPCA and PETCO Foundation:

Thank you for taking a chance on funding our Dog Days events, we're honored to have received your grants and hope you will continue to partner with us in this life saving effort to find qualified adopters for shelter pets in need!