How to Adopt

In our world if you adopt a shelter dog you're an everyday hero, here's a few ways you can adopt:

(1) Visit a local shelter or humane society
(2) Contact a rescue group near you
(4) Fill out our online form and we'll start looking for you!

We want to find homes for shelter dogs so however you choose to do that we'll try to help you.

Multiple rescues are represented at Dog Days Events and they may have slightly different adoption procedures but in general you can expect:

(1) A request for a vet reference if you have one

(2) A note from your landlord that you may have a dog and/or any restrictions on that dog if you're a renter.

(3) You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid CT drivers license.

(4) If you have a dog already you will need to bring the dog and any family members living in the home to meet the dog before you adopt. This is to make sure the two dogs will get alone in your home.

(5) You must agree to a  home visit to make sure your environment is safe for the dog and your family. Home visits may be before the adoption or after, depending on the rescue protocol.

(6) You must live in the state of Connecticut. 

You will have to fill out an application, participate in an interview and ultimately sign a contract if you're approved by the rescue for adoption.