Red Dog Project needs help:

Lovely Isabella, abandoned shortly after birth in rural Georgia, arrived in Connecticut to begin a new chapter. She's got mange and a sensitive stomach, which will require some special treatment. As a Red Dog Project puppy, we'll try to give her everything she needs.  

Can you help? 

$75 will cover her special food and treatment for 1 month. 
$50 will cover her treatment and testing for a month. 
$30 will cover the tests she needs in 2 weeks. 
$10 will let her know that there's a community of people who want to make the world a better place, one puppy at a time. 

Thanks for your support. Go Dog Days! Please go to WWW.GODOGDAYS.ORG and hit "Donate." All donations to Dog Days are tax deductible. 
Thank you for your support.